A Word of Caution from Bishop Davenport

Greetings SEPA Synod,

First, thank you for an efficient, and expeditious thirty-third Synod Assembly.  Hearing the latest COVID-19 numbers, cases are still very high across our area.  I am reminded of the television show, Lost in Space.  I remember the robot calling out in caution to the young traveler: “Danger, danger, Will Robinson.”

Let me offer a word of caution as we journey into warmer weather, with more of us being vaccinated and a strong pull for returning to in-person worship.  I know we are all weary of looking at screens, we want to see our church family, we want to gather at the communion table as one.  

Please be patient, we can do this a little while longer. These new covid variants are much more contagious.  I am appealing to you, be mindful of our stewardship of life, as disciples.  What is stewardship of life?  It’s “an abiding perspective on the mutuality of life in human society; a personal stance and attitude that defines an obligation to serve and take responsibility for all we have been given.” 

Although many of us have been vaccinated, we must still wear our masks, and physically distance to keep others safe. 

Please continue to follow the CDC and ecumenical guidelines as listed below.

Stay blessed and stay safe. 

+ The Rev. Patricia A. Davenport,